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Country Club—Soy Wax Melts
Country Club—Soy Wax Melts
Country Club—Soy Wax Melts

Country Club—Soy Wax Melts

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Country Club—Soy Gem Wax Melts
Net Wt. 1.5 oz | 42 g

Desert flower with an aloe musk base

Our gently-scented wax gem melts work great with your existing wax melter. Because there is no combustion or chemical reaction (as with a candle), the scents are slightly stronger than our candles.

Handcrafted in small batches, we use as few ingredients as possible, which means our products won’t give you headaches or overpower your home—you’ll notice them as you enter the room or pass by. They add to your already beautiful home.

Ingredients: the finest soy wax and natural fragrance and essential oils

  • no colorants or dyes
  • no petroleum products
  • no extra chemicals to boost warm scent throw, produces a subtler scent
  • no beexwax, paraffin, or palm oil waxes

Warning: Not a food product. Do not eat. Keep away from children and pets. Only for use with electric wax melters. Safe to use—no wick, flame, smoke, or soot.

Manufactured by Trunk & Tail, LLC, Kansas City, MO 64119