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Giving Back

Featured Organizations

We ​always donate 10% of our proceeds to local nonprofits.

The best part? We give our customers the power to choose which featured nonprofits to support. It’s our little way to help out. And our customers love it! It encourages awareness, empowerment, and social responsibility. And if we—the micro business—can do it, think about what we could accomplish if large companies did the same?

​Currently, we support the organizations below (they’ll change from time-to-time).​

Kansas City, MO
Prepares urban high school students for life after graduation through environmental education and development, including job skill training, financial literacy, and paid summer internships.

Kansas City, MO
​Provides creative individuals with developmental disabilities the tools and materials to define themselves as artists.

Olathe, KS
Provides hands-on job training for people with disabilities who design, make, and deliver all natural dog treats, bandanas, and other ​high-quality pet products.

Kansas City, MO
Provides humans with the resources and education needed to give senior and 
​harder-to-adopt dogs a better life.

Eureka Springs, AR
​Provides lifetime refuge for tigers, lions, bears, and other large animals that have been bought or sold through one of the most lucrative global industries in the world—the exotic animal trade.


Recommend a Nonprofit

We love smaller organizations that need help and exposure—the little guy (please note, we don’t support nonprofits affiliated with any political or religious organizations).

If you have would like to recommend an organization, please feel free to contact us, and we'll definitely check them out!


In-Kind Donation Requests

We wish we could help with every effort—and maybe someday we’ll be able to. But for now, we are a small business and are unfortunately unable to assist with every request. We try to focus donations and efforts on things that are near and dear to our hearts—helping children, helping animals, and promoting diversity, inclusion, and equal rights for all.

Sometimes, there are too many requests to even respond to, so we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Other ways we can help each other:

  • Recommend your organization above to be one of our featured nonprofits
  • Contact us about custom and/or wholesale products for your organization to use as a fundraiser