Dreams change. Priorities shift. And good things sometime come to an end.

The spark of an idea, a dream, and a learn-as-you-go attitude—you have to love what you do when starting a business. And we love Trunk & Tail.

It’s with a heartfelt Thank You we announce Trunk & Tail is closing. Although a tough decision, it’s the best next move for us.

From our days as Cyclone Hills and shivering at Worlds of Fun to stocking Hallmarks and being featured on an HGTV star’s Instagram—it’s been an incredible ride we’ll treasure forever.

Countless nights and weekends, thousands of pounds of wax and glass carried, and more t-shirts than we can count folded (and refolded), having a business is a lot of work. But, it’s also rewarding and a lot of fun.

We met amazing people, have been inspired by other makers, and learned so much along the way. Thank you to our cheerleaders, nonprofits, and customers—we appreciate you. Keep buying local and handmade!

Look for great sales soon as we clearance inventory and sell raw materials, supplies, furniture, a van, and more.

All our love and appreciation,

Matthew & Timothy Kemp

“You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try.”
–Dolly Parton